Читы к амулету дракона

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12.02.2017 Piotr Choptiany

Still works?

09.02.2017 Richard Castillo

Dose this still work?

08.02.2017 kirikakirikakirika

This gives you level ups?

06.02.2017 Small Penis

Why yall say erbs instead of herbs

04.02.2017 MA3655

Alternatively you can just use the undercroft dupe glitch with the chest, still works

03.02.2017 Douglas C

Have to check this out.

31.01.2017 Wayne Rees

Was this ever patched?

29.01.2017 julius smith

Still works as of may on ps goty

26.01.2017 Hacka Bilk

Ps still working yall. Just make sure you travel to a different map dawg. Tip leave the item in the chest to yo left, it spawns gold yo!

25.01.2017 Steven Kenny Holmes Vèlez

Still works this glitch?

24.01.2017 Guilherme Duarte

Today is and still working

22.01.2017 fernando martinez

I can t go to crestwood as soon as i go there when i tried to go back to skyhold or go to a different area it won t let me. . .

20.01.2017 Joseph Rosas

No longer works however you can take the amulet and dupe it in the undercroft in skyhold

18.01.2017 oğuz akdeniz

There is a man who barred the door. How will i unlock it?

17.01.2017 kimmy77512

On the xbox they patched it so there s only the amulet in the chest xd but that shouldn t matter since you can still duplicate it using the storage chest in the undercroft

14.01.2017 Low Quality

Could i do that with dragon mats? Cus i need them so bad lol

12.01.2017 Akkarin0815

You can be even faster by duplicating the amulet using the storage chest

11.01.2017 Unique Weeks

Ya know u can just duplicate the amulet and it will still work but like times faster. . . . Just sayin

08.01.2017 Meren Ar

Cab anyone confirm if this still works? I m playing it on ps and need as muck ability points as possible. . Getting savagely wrecked by the hinterlands dragon t, t

07.01.2017 Hdjjsje Jdjdnd

I don t have crestwood on the map

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