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10.09.2017 Rory Peddicord

When i put oil on my skin it burns

09.09.2017 lesley murphy

Thx. Beautiful . . .


I want to buy the book of

05.09.2017 MiixedMegan Baby

Hey big sis

03.09.2017 Goddess Jocelyn

I just purchased the love soap money soap, and fast luck colonge. I bought the egyptian goddess oil last week i mix it with frankincense oil andbusevitbon my body and in my oil burner. Smells so good together

02.09.2017 Nana W.

Hey ashera thanks for making that healing video you made a few weeks ago. It was extremely helpful and thourough. I m and i look up to you a lot. You re really appreciated sis.

01.09.2017 Nakisha Mack

Ashera i love that you show your witchy hauls. I do have a question about the size bottle of oudh perfume. Cause on the site it s dollars.

30.08.2017 Moon Maiden

That book looks awesome

28.08.2017 Morgan Johnson

Is there any way that i could contact you?

25.08.2017 Kylies Mom

I ordered a clear quartz pendulum, attraction oil and a pyrite stone! I am very pleased! Thanks for the love generosity spell you did for me last week. I will be ordering again soon! Ps a vid explains glamour magick would be great!

24.08.2017 Nerisah_xo

Ooo! The bath book! I need it! Great video

21.08.2017 Clark Kent

Crazy beautiful hair. . You look gorgeous

18.08.2017 brooky ly

Thanks for the haul! I will check it out! Can you please talk about the black bird in houston! ! ! Do you have any idea about what may be going on, and what supernatural tie might be involved with that! ?

15.08.2017 Jeanette Umpierre

Hello ashera! Love your videos. Can you do a video on spells to protect your home against burglary and haters? Thank you! Xoxoxoxo.

13.08.2017 Thetasteofhoney1

The products look new and fresh. . . L will be placing a order soon.

12.08.2017 Madame Venefica

You dont have to cleanse crystals because of the crysral s color, geometric shape, structure, energy, and vibrational pattern it refuses change

10.08.2017 missyanne40

Thanks for the video and the haul! ! Make more videos! ! ! I am learning a lot from you!

08.08.2017 Candie F

One of the best videos to date! Thank you!

07.08.2017 TheBitchCraft Chronicles

Hey my love i know this may seem so bizarre but is there a spell or some kind of hoodoo voodoo to lose weight lol or help lose weight? ? ? ?

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