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13.02.2017 ResistanceFox

Masteries should have been split up, and i hope they are for future expansions, some account masteries legendary crafting, raid masteries, fractal masteries, autoloot for example and some character bound masteries stuff like gliding, jumping shrooms, language masteries, stuff like that. Having it one way or the other is just binding yourself to a standard wich is not needed. It could be done like this green masteries are ones like we have them now, you can get mastery points for them trough achievements in hot and they affect the entire account. Yellow masteries however, are character bound, mastery points are available trough world exploration. They affect character specific skills like gliding and jump shrooms. The only thing to worry about with that system is not using the personal masteries in the raid, or having a raid mastery that makes it so you can use all the personal unlocked masteries you at least unlocked once on all characters in the raids. I honestly think masteries can be a great system, it has the potential to be, they just need to not be affraid to make it complex like that.

11.02.2017 starmaster2010

My problem with core tyria masteries is there are not enough ways to get the points! I miss spent mine and there is much i never did in the core game. Like i need story in all dungeons, collections and more. Bad planing on my part. I guess this is a problem with having a real life.

09.02.2017 No Chance Without Pasta

I wish they d make mastery points easier to get. I don t play much these days, and after that last patch, i now have run out of my excess points for future masteries. Getting the points for them is a pita i don t need want to deal with when there s new content. But you re right, the whole system needs tweaking. Getting points without having to collect useless crap is a much needed improvement that my wallet will thank the devs for.

07.02.2017 DarkShine101

I think gw intentionally had both repeatable and non repeatable content, and i think that is fine. Hps are intentionally repeatable and mastery points are not. In this way gw panders to both for end game progression. Do you want to level your account or your alt? Up to you.

04.02.2017 Randy Murdock

I fucking hate masterys so damn boring id rather go get rekt by a lv moa all night long

02.02.2017 James Hall

Perhaps they can make two types of masteries, account bound and some soul bound. . And just organize them better. . The quality of life ones account bound d

31.01.2017 Alex G

I really can t agree with you in your final thoughts of masteries. They progressed your account horizontally exceptionally well without power creeping the existing characters especially when compared to elite specialisation which didn t hit this mark. The complaint that it s a once and done aspect while does hold some water it sinks when you realise the player base plays maybe a few times a week and so making it character specific would act as a barrier to making new characters and joining people on different characters which is not what anet is about. Yes there is some mismatching of mastery points and i agree they should be divided into xpac masteries but on the whole they were a major plus for me and the strongest aspect of hot.

30.01.2017 Di-Dorval

Masteries were never a big problem for me. But hero points. . . Were very harsh to get especially when you need to grind alts why do most require grouping! Kinda remove the fun of stumbling upon them while exploring. Very glad masteries are account bound. . I feel like most masteries points just weren t interesting enough to get to warrant a nd playtrough. The ideas of making masteries more fun and varied to get should get tied to hero points instead, since those aren t account bound and are very similar.

28.01.2017 Dahkeus3

I was short on points with masteries and here s why i never really liked the hot maps much, so i wasn t really inclined to explore them. I focused on raiding and unlocking elite specializations on alts, so i got plenty of xp without rushing, but eventually, begrudgingly, farmed the points so that i wasn t locked out of raiding content.

26.01.2017 VeJoGh Entertainment

Im a long time player and i really enjoyed the masteries in all its forms. I feel like some of your points on this video are mostly nitpicks and i don t think i agree with you on the majority of your points, but nevertheless i found it refreshing to get this alternative perspective. Very good quality video, keep it up wp!

25.01.2017 Warlord1981NL

I wouldnt want to have to re unlock any masteries. They re lame and boring. The only one that actually adds anything is gliding. That being said, they can get rid of the mastery system for all i care and just give players the abilities or have them unlock as you progress in level. Masteries are nothing more than artificial obstacles that prevent you from seeing directly how little content hot actually offers.

24.01.2017 OFP

My father and sister also play the game and they, and several others have complained about losing interest in the game and being extremely frustrated with the central tyria masteries. . . . They re too difficult to get which has left them at a level where their experience no longer counts because they can t level up. I think it s great that this encourages people to experience new areas of the game like fractals but i do agree with them in that the ctmasteries are just too difficult and there aren t enough ways to acquire them.

21.01.2017 WafflingMean44

As someone who doesn t play the game very much compared to a hardcore player, unlocking all of the masteries on every one of my characters would basically make them not worth pursuing except for one character anyway, meaning it discourages me from using my other characters. Although if they were less grindy i don t suppose it would be as much of a problem.

19.01.2017 Rexus Nexus

Brutal, wp, brutal review. But i certainly understand why and i appreciate listening to your honest feedback. I hope the devs are watching these reviews. I like that the masteries are account bound because i m a very casual player, but i do wish there were more variety of masteries. Plus, the flying abilities we got from bloodstone should have been masteries that could be used in other maps. The new maps should offer new stuff that is usable throughout the entire game world and not just that new map.

16.01.2017 Jaricko

I respect potatos opinion but i would hate with a passion masteries not being account wide.

14.01.2017 Kianfox

Hey dude, just wondering. Do you record with obs or another capture software?

11.01.2017 Zerfex MCZerfexD

Wowowwow im new. . So those wings on your back are not your gliders! ! ! ! Wth? ? ? ? So you have to buy things? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Well that sucks

09.01.2017 Chaz McAuley

The poison lore thing still happen in dragon stand all the time. It s hilarious.

08.01.2017 Kolzi

Hmm i d never thought about the account bound masteries like that before but i think you are right. Nice video. I feel like they wanted a sort of overarching progress for the expansion and then character progression separate from that, and they decided it should be masteries and elite specs respectively. The reality is that elite specs ended up being pretty basic to unlock especially once everyone knew the maps and there were trains being lead, and also because they cut the amount of hero points you needed in half like a day or two into the expansion so you barely had to try to max out your elite spec. You can skip any of the hero points that are too challenging or hard to get to.

07.01.2017 The Was Bunny

I agree with you about the mistake of making masteries account bound instead of per character. Honestly one of my favorite things in any game with character progression is the chance to start the journey over on a new character. Each alt will inevitably have a different story of how they climbed to the top of the progression mountain, following a different path upwards and overcoming challenges inat least a slightly different way. I m not a huge fan of games with new game for this reason. I wasextremely disappointed that anet decided to gowith the account wide mastery system which just feels like another version of ng. You explained it a lot better than me wp but anyway i totally agree with everything you said. Again.

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