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13.02.2017 Julian Jacob 5656

Almost , subs!

10.02.2017 My YouTube page. Yes sir!

What kind of mic is that you re using?

07.02.2017 Bob Bobbington

The last one is either a. Schizophrenia b. Fake c. An extremely elaborate prank

05.02.2017 Ingle Kycre

This channel is fuckin lit

04.02.2017 Katie Be

I love his introductions, its unique compared to other narrators. But you really need to close your wardrobe door

02.02.2017 Jesus F. Christ

No wire hangers! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

30.01.2017 Josh Thomas

Close your closet door

29.01.2017 Nicole DeTep

She kept the mirror? The story before seems to also be far fetched.

26.01.2017 Deathrider276 Stuff

Do you believe in spirits? Why yes i do

24.01.2017 Daniel Alvarado

The boii

21.01.2017 The Pope Don Vincenzo

Where s the dearborn heights house at? Can t be more then miles from me

20.01.2017 Tiffani Floyd

I love your voice lol

19.01.2017 Adam Warrington

I remember when when my man hs had subs

18.01.2017 Rich Sorrento

Your a fuckin weirdo

15.01.2017 Aimee Therriault

Ok number one seriously everyone knows if you play with the ouija board you always have to say bye to the spirit before leaving it otherwise it open a portal! Number two just sounds like they got a very nasty case of the spooky s, and number three doesn t need to just throw away that mirror they need to smash it who cares about the bad luck you know what s even worse feeling the guilt that you know those things can come out and hurt others! May god be with you all your going to need him.

13.01.2017 jay hays

This stuff is funny

11.01.2017 Mandy Mills

Bruh that stupid nun in the thumbnail freaking valek think i spelled the name wrong you ll get this if you watched the nd conguring spelled that wrong to

08.01.2017 B34ST 420

Do scary stories in costco

07.01.2017 Black Panther

Portal mirror is bullshit

05.01.2017 HAfusion

You sound like your shoving a dildo up your ass

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